Over 25% of Covid-19 patients recover globally; Indian recovery rate is just 14%

The world is still reeling under the Covid-19 pandemic, with over 22,50,757 cases and 154,266 deaths as of this morning.

But, the good news is that the recovery is also picking up, with 5,71,145 people beating the deadly virus to come back to life. That means, over 25% of the infected have recovered, thanks to the united fight with medicines, care and lock-downs.

China continues to lead among countries in the case of recoveries, with 77,029 out of the total 82,719 infected people leaving the hospitals. It shows that over 93% of the infected have recovered, based on the data updated till this morning by worldometers. (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)

Among those countries with high rate of recoveries are South Korea, Germany, Iran and Malaysia, all registering over 50% recoveries. Despite the widespread appreciation from the World Health Organisation and claims by the government about keeping the pandemic in check, the rate of recovery in India as a whole is still very low, though some states like Kerala have done exceptionally well to flattern the curve.

According the Union Health Ministry, there are 11906 active cases and 1991 recoveries. The data in the worldometre says, India has 14,352 cases, with 2041 recoveries and 486 deaths. That makes the recovery rate as low as 14%. The country has reported just 10 cases per one million population, which is better in comparison to other countries with regard to the spread of the virus.

But India has done only 3,35,123 tests which is just 243 per 10 lakh people, which is again abysmally low when compared to those countries with high recovery rates. Because, the experts have been suggesting that early detection of the case is the key to recovery.

South Korea and Germany were among those countries which had done large-scale tests and their efforts reflect on the recovery graph too. In Germany, 58% of infected people recovered while the rate is 74% in South Korea, the second highest after China. Spain, another country badly hit by the virus, recorded 39% recovery while Italy which has a total deaths of 22,745 registered 24% recovery. Likewise, France which was also heavily hit, is pulling the trend back with 23% recovery.

Some small countries like Iran (68% of 79494 cases) and Malaysia (58% of 5251 cases) reported high recovery rates, indicating their efforts. Malaysia test 2988 people per 10 lakh while Iran tested 3808 in every 10 lakh population.

The situation in the United States, having a population of over 33 crore, is still grim. The country has the dubious record of highest number of infections at 7,10,021 and deaths at 37,158. Only 60,510 people have recovered, registering just 8.5% rate.


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