Open theatres, portable halls and drive in give the pleasure of films during lockdown

It is lockdown everywhere. The only entertainment people have are looking at films, videos and listening to songs in their mobiles or TV sets. Well, people in some countries also have the leisure of watching their favourite films in big screens. Many of them have the opportunity of seeing the films from their balconies and in open air and drive in.

In Lithuania, the main international airport was converted into a drive in cinema. It was created just meters away from the parked planes. The citizens in Prague in Czech Republic watched their favourite films from inside their cars parked in drive through.

From the balconies, people in Columbian capital of Bogota sat in their balconies and watched films from a giant screen put outside. The La Clef Cinema in Paris, France had to shut down their cinema hall because of lock down. But they projected the movies onto the wall of an adjacent building. People in Madrid, Spain also had the same experience of watching in the outside. The City hall placed portable cinema so that people do not get bored in their homes.

It is the same in Essen, a German city. The people flocked to their local drive in to get the taste of their favourite films.


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