One month of Corona lockdown in India


India declared national lockdown on March 25 when the country had about 600 corona cases and ten deaths. And now into one month of Lockdown, the number of cases stood at 18,953 and deaths at 779. The country also saw 5209 patients discharged from hospitals after being cured.

Even as the world is seeing a surge of the virus, India is claimed to have contained the virus to certain limits, thanks to lock down and social distancing. The Present death rate in the country was 3.1 per cent and the recovery rate was more than 20 per cent. This is better than most countries, the Ministry of Health said.

As per Ministry of Health data of April 25, Maharashtra was the worst hit with 6817cases and 301 deaths. Gujarat was second in line with 2815 cases and 127 deaths. While Delhi reported 2514 live cases and 53 deaths till now, Rajasthan recorded 2034 cases and 27 deaths. Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh have more than 1000 cases each. Madhya Pradesh reported 92 deaths, Andhra Pradesh 31, Uttar Pradesh 26 and Tamil Nadu 22 deaths till April 25.

As per ICMR data, a total of 5,79,957 samples have been tested till April 25. This comes to 429 Tests per 1 million people. While Punjab did the highest number of tests, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh where the number of deaths are high, only had a lower testing rate.

The Ministry of Health noted that the average doubling rate of COVID-19 cases in India was 9.1 days as of April 25.


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