One in three Americans play videogames to overcome Covid Boredom  


Many find solace in videogames as a solace to kill boredom during the time of lockdown and Americans are seen to use it more than any others. One in three Americans are said to play videogames, which is an increase from the post corona crisis.

As more people are staying inside, more than 28 per cent of the people are buying videogames. The figure when compared to previous year holiday season (November 25- December 29,) was higher, according to a YouGov survey. It said that last season 27 per cent of Americans bought video games. Even without a holiday season, the percentge has increased.

The YouGov survey was conducted in 1,175 individuals on the activities they were during since March. The survey said that videogame was significantly higher among younger people. Two in five young people said that they have been gaming more.

Minecraft, Call of Duty,  Super Mario Bros. The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, The Legend of Zelda, Fortnite, Assassin’s Creed and Madden NFL are the most videogames that they played during the lockdown, the survey said.


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