Oldest couple enjoys their 80th wedding celebration


Husband is 106 and wife 105 and they together recently celebrated 80 years of their marriage. John Henderson and Charlotte, the oldest living couple now, celebrated the anniversary at the retirement home in Longhorn Village in Austin.

The couple who have no children has been living in the retirement home for more than a decade.

John Henderson and Charlotte met in 1934 when they were studying at the University of Texas. While John played football, Charlotte was studying to be a teacher. John also holds the distinction of oldest living former UT football player. He also attends a game every year.

On meeting his wife for the first time, John still remembers how he had glanced Charlottein a lecture hall. She looked over her shoulder and smiled and it was then known that she wanted a date he was quoted as saying. “I could see in her eyes that she wanted me to ask her,” he said. .

John also said that they have slowed down somewhat in their present age. Noting that they used to go on cruises, he said that they had now to take everything easy and just watched sports and talked about what they would be going to do the next day.


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