Older People are Kinder Than Yung Ones

Is it the older people or the young  who are more kind? A new study found that older people are kinder than young people that benefit others, such as making charitable donations and social distancing during COVID 19 pandemic.

The study led by the University of Birmingham also found women to be kinder than men. The researchers also found that wealth had negative effect on philanthropy and people who perceived themselves as being better off donated less to good causes.

The team pointed out in the study that younger people are more likely to donate to international charities, while older adults preferred to give to causes within their own country.


The researchers carried out the analysis from a global survey of 46,576 people aged 18 to 99, across 67 countries. The analysis was carried out between April and May 2020. They looked  at how age could predict the amount of social distancing someone was willing to adhere to during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as their willingness to donate to hypothetical charities.


The authors found that age determined kinder behaviour on both measures. They found that older people donated more to national and less to international, hypothetical charities than younger adults. They also noted that the risk to older adults from Covid-19 might have prevented in-person pro social behaviours such as volunteering.

‘However, older adults were particularly willing to help others during a global crisis in terms of compliance with public health measures and support for charities working in their country.’

Perceived risk was not significantly associated with social distancing, the researchers said. However, they noted that older people were more willing to adhere to public health measures than their younger counterparts were.


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