Obesity leads to mental fatigue; Study

Most of the people want to reduce weight; some for physical reasons and some others for health reasons. Obesity was known to impart physical stress on many. But a new study has shown that it also causes mental fatigue.

The researchers claimed that it was the first study to show te relation between obesity and mental exhaustion. Principal investigator Chaya Gopalan (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville) claimed that they had traced mental exhaustion in high-fat diet-induced obese rats.

For the study, the researchers selected two groups of rats. One group was fed a high fat diet and the other group was given a normal diet. The rats were periodically checked for weight, ketone and blood glucose. In the fifth week, the rats were given an open-field test that measures speed and distance it moves through a maze in a given time frame. This is for determining physical exhaustion.

The rats were also given object recognition test. This measured mental exhaustion by analyzing the time the rats spend examining new and familiar objects. The analysis showed that the rats fed with high fat diet had high blood glucose levels. The researchers said that the rats that were fed with high fat diet performed poorly on the recognition test than the other group.


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