Obese people at greater risk of Alzheimier’s


Obesity is already known for its bad effects. A new study has now stated that gaining extra weight or becoming obese can increase the risk of Alzheimier’s disease.

The study was published in Journal of Alzheimer’s disease. In the study, the researchers said that blood circulation in the brain starts to reduce once a person gains weight. Once the blood circulation is reduced to the brain, the chances of development of Alzheimer’s disease are high, the study said.

The study showed that obesity causes the brain to age more quickly. White matter present deep inside the brain helps in learning and picking up skills. Kit is a known fact that the level of white matter decreases with age. Overweight people have lesser white matter. It was also seen that obesity reduces overall brain size.

In the study, it is said that Obesity makes one forgetful. It tends to reduce the thinking and understanding skills.


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