Not responsible yet children are the worst victims of climate change

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Affect Wide Spread

Climate change has always been an issue of all times. We are yet to learn a lot about its impact and the worst is that we have never thought of the children who are also victims of this climate change despite they are in no way responsible for it.

Well, the UNICEF has pointed out that climate change is a direct threat to children. They are a threat to a child’s growth and survival. Though they are not responsible for climate change, the UNICEF says that the children have to bear the greatest impact. Vulnerable to diseases, the children are most affected as climate change has an impact on their health. It is estimated that about 90 per cent of the burden of the diseases due to climate change is borne by the children under the age of five.

The UNICEF said that children are the worst affected because of air pollution, which is one of the major forces that is said to be a direct impact of climate change. About two billion children live in areas where air pollution levels exceed the standards set by the WHO.

It is estimated that over half a million children under five years of age die every year because of the causes of air pollution. Apart from this, a large population of children suffer damages to the brain and lungs. Pneumonia is said to be the leading cause of death, killing about 2500 children a day. The agency also said that Pnemonia deaths are largely related to under nutrition, sanitation, lack of safe water and inadequate access to health care. All these are related to climate change, the UNICEF added.

Noting that about 785 million people lack access to basic water services, the UN agency said taht by 2040, almost 600 children would be living in regions where the demand for safe water will exceed the water available.


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