Nostradamus prediction comes true as Asteroid big as Eiffel Tower pass earth

Believe in Nostradamus predictions or not, an asteroid bigger than the Eiffel tower will go close to the Earth on January 6.

French astrologer Nostradamus had made several predictions in his book Les Propheties. In the predictions for 2021, he had recorded about “a long trail of sparks” in the sky that is made of fire.

The Centre for Near Earth Object Studies of NASA said that five asteroids would pass close to earth in January. The two of the asteroids are bigger than Eiffel tower and the other three are small, the NASA said. The smaller asteroids 2021 AC, 2021 AJ and 2018 KP1 only have diameters of 73.5 metres, 19.5 metres and 41 metres respectively. The 2016 CO247 asteroid is 340 metres wide. The biggest one is the 2008 AF4 asteroid. It is half a kilometre wide. The scientists say that if this asteroid is to hit earth, its impact would be equivalent of 25 megatons to 50 megatons, which is equal to the largest nuclear bomb in existence today.

NASA has said that these asteroids are not any threat to the planet as they are moving at 7.5 million kilometres away.

Another asteroid about 220 meter wide, which is as big as the Golden Gate Bridge, went past the Earth at 6.9 million kilometres on January 3.



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