No worry about wine spill; self cleaning clothes take care of it


Now there is no worry if you spill wine or any liquid on your shirt. A self cleaning shirt, which is considered to be the first of its kind, is now available in the market. The good thing is that for every self cleaning shirt bought, one shirt is donated to the homeless.

It just not clean the liquids that fall on it but the shirt can be used without washing for a month as claimed by the producers. Just like a lotus leaf repels water, the shirt made from nanoscopic polyester fiber, also repels liquid that falls on its surface. Moreover, it does not leave a stain on the clothes. Another thing is that the shirt once washed gets dry 40 per cent faster than the regular cloth.

The self cleaning shirt was developed by Varun Bhanot and his wife Anisha Seth, who are the co-founders of Unhoused, a charity that works for helping homeless people in Britain. They had first developed it as one for the homeless. Bhanot was quoted as saying that the jumper and the hoodie range of wearing could be worn at any party and there is no need to worry of spilling wine by accident or any other way. Moreover, he also said that one could go out in it for a month without washing.

On the idea, he sid that they wanted to creating a clothing for the poor homeless to keep them warn and clean and reduce the burden of cleaning it every day. For these people washing clothes is quite difficult,  he added.

He also said that there was good response to the cloth even though it was only a shirt time that they had introduced the material in the market. They als believe that this could be a game changer. The charity has till now donated more than a lakh clothing articles to London’s rough sleepers.

The self cleaning clothing can be bought from Unhoused website.


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