No running away for Builders and officials in Maradu Flat issue

Even as the flat owners at Maradu in kochi are left in the lurch, the builders of the five controversial flats that is facing demolition seems to have washed their hands off stating that they have legally transferred the flats to the buyers. Though the builders’ argument that the buyers are now paying tax for the flats that they have bought through sales deeds, they cannot get away from the crime of illegally constructing the flats and even cheating the buyers.

It has been argued that the government should have taken strong action and registered cases against the builders for violating CRZ norms and even duping the buyers. The government should not have waited so long in taking action against not only the builders but also the then Maradu panchayat officials and others who were involved in facilitating the construction.

One of the builders the other day had given a letter to Maraud Municipal Secretary, noting that the flats were registered in the name of the buyers as per sales deed. The owners also maintained that the municipality was collecting tax from these owners and that they had no ownership of the flats. It has been criticised that the government was not keen in taking any strong decision.

Moreover, highly placed officials also pointed out that the land in which the flats stood should also be surveyed for any encroachment of puramboke lands. They also said that the actual nature of the lands should also come under the scanner.

The builders are alleged to have gone ahead with the construction even after the construction was embroiled in controversies from the beginning. Moreover, the buyers are also at fault in buying flats that have been embroiled in controversies for more than ten years. Moreover, it has been argued that the buyers who claim to be ignorant of the controversies and about CRZ violations cannot be taken at face valu


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