No more angry faces in Indian schools



No more angry faces in schools under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India; teachers, students, administrative staff and even parents have to be cheerful and no anger in their faces once they enter the school campus. The CBSE has sent a circular to all the schools under it to have free anger zones, a revolutionary step introduced for the first time in schools to manage the emotion of anger.

As per the circular sent out, the CBSE said that this would help in making the children mentally more active and emotionally healthy. This would help the children to go back home cheerful and to come back to school the next day with more cheer. The circular has been put as part of the Board’s emphasis on holistic fitness and joyful education. In the circular, it has been said that the teachers, administrative staff, students and parents should see to it that they manage their anger.

Among the recommendations, the CBSE has asked all stakeholders to desist from looking at mobile phones all the time and also to have breathing exercises. The schools have also been asked to record their experiences and announce their endeavour of becoming an anger free zone on social media using the hashtag –cbsenoanger.

In the communication, CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi said that the best way to teach children the value of freedom from anger is by setting an example themselves. He said that once the schools become anger free zone, it would help in developing effective skills among the children and also help in eradicating negative emotions such as fear, humiliation and disrespect that all could lead to anger.

The schools have also been asked to place boards proclaiming “anger free zone” at the reception and also at strategic places in the school campus.


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