NMC Stirs Controversy with Dhanvantri

In a recent move, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has unveiled a modified logo, replacing the national emblem with a vivid portrayal of Dhanvantri, the revered god of Ayurveda. This decision, however, has ignited a heated debate as critics argue against the incorporation of a religious figure in the emblem of the country’s premier medical regulator.


The controversy deepened as the NMC defended its choice, citing the pre-existing black-and-white depiction of Dhanvantri in the previous logo. According to BN Gangadhar, the officiating chairman of NMC, the unanimous decision to add colour was made to address printing challenges posed by the black-and-white sketch. “When NMC was formed, it was decided then to use Dhanwantari’s image in the logo,” he stated.


Despite this explanation, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) voiced strong opposition, asserting that the new logo contradicts the fundamental values of the medical profession. In a statement, the IMA emphasized the need for a religion-neutral emblem for national institutions. “The logo of any national institution ought to capture the aspirations of all our citizens in an equal manner and by remaining neutral in all respects,” the statement read.

“The IMA calls upon the NMC to take corrective steps to adopt a logo which does not contradict the oath and duty of doctors, towards all our citizens with complete neutrality, especially in shunning any attempt to connect and/or identify the institution such as NMC with any particular religion.”

This development raises crucial questions about the balance between tradition and modernity, as institutions navigate the delicate path of cultural representation. As the NMC faces scrutiny, it remains to be seen whether corrective measures will be taken to address the concerns raised by critics.


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