Nipah tackling gets India to lead WHO-SEARO


With its success in tackling the outbreak of Nipah and Zika viruses, India is taking the lead in the World Health Organization – South East Asian Regional Organisation (WHO-SEARO), which mainly focuses on addressing the emergence of deadly viruses such as nipah and Zika.

Bhutan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Maldives, North Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar are part of the new programme to tackle the contagious viruses, which the World Health Organisation considers as the future cause of epidemic.

Nipah has been placed top ion the list. India has now got the distinction of leading the programme as the country was had curbed an outbreak of the disease. Nipah was first detected in the state of Kerala. Despite several people affected with the virus, only a few deaths were reported, which showed an example to the world to tackle such deadly viruses.

It was only because of the quick response of the medical fraternity in Kerala that the virus was not spread to a larger population. It is reported that only less than 20 people were infected with the virus. The World organistion believes that the expertise of the medical fraternity in tackling such deadly viruses could be used in other regions.

The WHO thinks that cooperation between nations is a necessity in tackling deadly viruses such as Nipah and Zika as the world has now become narrower with people travelling quite often from one country to another.


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