New nano drug kills triple negative breast cancer

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There is good news for patients with breast cancer who are reeling under the pains chemotherapy. A group of researchers at the University of Arkansas have developed a new nano drug candidate that can kill triple negative breast cancer cells without any chemo treatment.

They have come up with a new nano drug candidate that is having high potential of killing triple negative breast cancer cells.  Assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Hassan Beyzavi led the study. Advanced Therapeutics journal published the study.

Triple negative breast cancer is considered to be one of the most aggressive and fatal types of breast cancer.  They linked a new class of nanomaterials named metal organic frameworks, with the ligands of an already developed photodynamic therapy drug to create nano-porous material. This was seen to target and kill tumor cells without creating toxicity for normal cells. Metal organic frameworks are an emerging class of nanomaterials designed for targeted drug delivery.

Researchers under Beyzavi focus mainly on developing new, Targeted Photodynamic Therapy drugs. This is considered to be an alternative to chemotherapy. In recent years, PDT has gained attention because of its ability to treat tumors without surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Beyzavi’s laboratory is specialised in integrating nanomaterials like metal organic frameworks.

Doctoral student Yoshie Sakamaki prepared the nanomaterials and then bio conjugated them with ligands of the PDT drug to create nanoporous materials. Apart from the treatment, this drug delivery system could also be used with MRI or fluorescence imaging, which can help in tracking the drug in the body and monitor the progress of the treatment.




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