Neurological issues haunt Covid patients


A lot of studies have come up with respect to neurological complications and coronavirus. A new Spanish study has found that about half of the coronaviruis patients manifested neurological issues. The study also mentions that a small percentage of the coronavirus related deaths were also related to neuro issues.

The study is considered to be the largest hospital based study -19 with respect to neurologic analysis of Covid patients.  It was conducted in two hospitals in Spain. More than half of the coronavirus patients in these two hospitals developed some kind of neurologic issues, according to the study. Of the 841 patients, the researchers said that 57.4 percent reported some kind of neuro issues, according to Carlos Manuel Romero Sanchez of Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albacete in Spain, he is the co author of the study. The study also claimed neurologic complications in about 4.1 per cent of the COVID-19 deaths.

Romero-Sanchez said that neurologic symptoms appeared in patients throughout all phases of the infection. Severe conditions such as stroke and inflammatory diseases appeared only in late Coronavirus stages, he said.

He also mentioned that neurological complications may arise in the recovery phase, which includes cerebrovascular and dysimmune. He said that disorders of consciousness were associated with severe COVID and old age.

Romero-Sanchez pointed out that disorder of consciousness was almost twice as high among patients with severe COVID-19 patients.  Most cases of altered consciousness were secondary to severe hypoxemia, the researchers noted. The study also found that 14.9 per cent of the covid 19 patients had delirium and 9.4 per cent had coma.

The study said that 3.1 per cent of the COVID-19 patients had myopathy, 2.5 per cent had dysautonomia, 1.7 per cent had cerebrovascular diseases, and 0.7 per cent had seizures and hyperkinetic movement disorders. He also mentioned that as more than one third of ischemic strokes involved posterior arterial territories, which was an unusual proportion.

He also disclosed that they came across vertebro-basilar dissection and also one case of multiple cortical haemorrhages.

Another similar study in Italy had come across altered mental status and stroke as the most common neurological issues in covid patients. Another study had said that 22 percent of patients in a hospital in Wuhan, China, had experienced a disorder of consciousness.


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