Net consumption sees a drastic increase during Corona

With people locked inside homes because of coronaviorus, India’s net consumption has seen a drastic increase. The reports said that 308,000 terabytes of data was used in the days between March 22 (the day janata curfew was announced) and March 28.

The data is from department of telecommunications. The reports said that nine per cent hike of internet usage was seen between March 19 and march 21, the day of the announcement of Janata curfew

Maharashtra reported maximum data consumption during the lockdown period.  People in the state consumed about 26.6 PB. This was seven per cent increase from its 24 B earlier between March 22 and 28. Andhra Pradesh also used the highest data consumption. People used about 12 per cent more data between March 22 and 28. The consumption rose to 22 PB from 19.6 PB in pre-lockdown days. Bihar also saw a 12 per cent more usage. Its data usage rose to 22.6 PB from 20 PB in the same period.

The reports said that the consumption in April got stabilised with average figures standing at 300 PB. The report also said that the consumption remained within the limits as streaming sites decided to slash the resolution by more than 50 per cent.

The Indian digital industry had stated that it had agreed to adopt some measures



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