Nemom, a funny bastion

Politics is often funny. The whole fun of politics is around Nemom, a constituency in Thiruvananthapuram District, where the BJP opened its account for the first time in 2016. A funny situation in Nemom as the Congress for the last few days has been digging into its leadership for a strong candidate to oppose the BJP. It becomes funnier when seeing that the Congress, though hunting for a heavyweight in Nemom, has failed to find a stronger candidate against their kingly opponent Pinarayi Vijayan at Dharmadam in Kannur.

The whole episode is just funny. Nemom was only like any other constituency but now the constituency has gained dominance with the Congress high drama.

The Congress by fielding a strong candidate in Nemom wanted to send a strong message to the minority as well as the secular votes that they want to take on the BJP, which calls Nemom as the party’s Gujarat. At this juncture, no one should doubt about the internal political overtones for which candidate selection has been delayed this long.

No one should doubt about the seriousness of the Congress in not fielding a heavyweight champ from their own camp against “Erattachangan” (double hearted) Vijayan. After all, they only want the BJP rooted and not the ‘Erattachangan’ and the CPM who are all out for a second term and trying to oppose the Congress from coming to power.

The Congress, instead of giving the Dharamadam seat to its ally, should have taken the challenge against VIjayan by fielding one of its heavyweights. The Congress really missed a chance by not hunting a stalwart from among themselves against Vijayan and the CPM for all its faults. Now the funny episode is over as Congress seriously goes for Nemom Polls.



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