NDBH to strengthen health care system: India


Stating that the government was for providing high quality healthcare accessible to all, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) was only a beginning and would provide the right direction to move towards strengthening healthcare delivery systems in the country.

The digital health interventions would help in accelerating the transformation to high quality health care, the minister said this after receiving the NDHB report from chairman J Satyanarayana.

Vardhan said that there was a need to integrate all existing health information systems and a need to ensure convergence across these IT systems. The NDHB would help in providing a common platform for the integration of all existing applications in all health care systems (public or private healthcare facility) .

Satyanarayana said that NDHB included the priorities in health care that were included in the National Health Policy of 2017. He also said that this was one of the biggest leap towards achieving Universal health care.

As per the draft NDHB, the key features included a Federated Architecture, a five layered system of architectural building blocks, Unique Health Id, National Portability, privacy and consent management, EHR, health analytics, MyHealth App and Digital Health India portal.



# establish and manage core digital health data

# promote adoption of open standards by all the stake holders in the National Digital Health Eco-system

# create a system of Personal Health Records based on international standards. This would be easily accessible to the people and service providers (based only on citizen consent)

# follow cooperative federalism

#promote Health Data Analytics and Medical Research

# enhance efficiency and effectiveness of Governance at all levels

# ensure Quality of Healthcare.


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