Naina Parekh, the innovator of world’s first built-in massager backpack

Naina Parekh, Founder, EUME Bags

Mumbai-based businesswoman and innovator Naina Parekh who launched the world’s first built-in massager backpack, EUME, is making headlines now beyond India. It has been featured on America’s widely-viewed show ‘Good Morning America’.

44-year-old Naina first thought of such an innovation after seeing her 20-year-old son suffering back pain caused by carrying a heavy backpack everyday. She teamed up with her partner Sanjay Parekh to build the world’s first backpack with a built-in massager – EUME bags. The venture, launched in 2018, is backed by Daymon John, an American investor who also appears on the popular show Shark Tank.

The product has four in-built massagers, two on the upper shoulder and two on the lower back. One button can operate all four massagers. The entire module runs on a power bank (one hour of massage consumes 1,000 mAh of power) with a dual-USB port, which can also charge other devices such as phones, tablets etc.

The bags come in 6 variants that offer unique features, like the 40 Litre backpack designed for students or the rugged backpack, enforced for trekkers and sports enthusiasts, to name a few.

“Sanjay and I are so incredibly excited that EUME backpacks made it to the massive platform of ‘Good Morning America’. After 3 years of cutting-edge research and innovation, we are confident of our product creating a positive impact among the masses globally,” says Naina.

In addition to positioning the product in the US market, Parekh hopes the product’s appearance will inspire more Indian innovators, especially women, to go for their goals.

“Next on the goalpost is to take EUME bags to the Indian Army. Our Military personnel takes long, stressful journeys at the border to protect us. It’ll be an honour if our bags could ease their job even a little bit,” Naina says.


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