Mysterious 18,000 year old puppy

Dog wolf


It is quite a mystery that a frozen puppy 18,000 year old was discovered from the icy depths of Siberia. As per records, the scientists believe that this could be the oldest dog thus frozen in ice.

The discovery was made by a team of researchers from Sweden and they had shared incredible pictures of the creature that they had found in the icy patches. Though it is said to be a dog, the researchers are yet to confirm if it is a dog or a wolf.

The creature was found by the team of researchers in North east Siberia, which a few kilometres drive from the city of Belaya Gora. Love Dalen and his colleague Dave Stanton, who were part of the team was quoted as saying that the creature that they found could be a dog and it would shed light on the domestication of wolves.

The frozen male puppy has been named Dogor, which is a pun on Dog or wolf. Though it is thousands of years old and has an exposed rib cage, Dalen said that it felt to be a recently dead animal.

Dalen was quoted as saying that the creature was really amazing and well preserved as the traces could be seen even before the cleaning was done. He said that they were not aware of the age when it was found in the permafrost. The age of the frozen puppy was only known after radiocarbon dating was done. “Once this was done, we were all awestruck as it showed 18,000 years old,” he was quoted. It is at this time when lot of genetical changes were happening with dogs and wolves.


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