Mylab develops first India COVID test kit


The first India test kit for Coronavirus is out now. The Mylab PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR kit has got the commercial approval from the Drugs Control department.

Mylab is the single company that achieved 100 per cent sensitivity and specificity in the ICMR evaluation. Mylab Discovery Solutions Managing Director Hasmukh Rawal said that the coronavirus kit was developed as per the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and CDC. He said that the kit was developed in record time.

May lab has experience in the manufacture of RTPCR kits. It manufactures Quantitative HIV/ HBV/HCV kits and ID-NAT screening kits for blood banks/hospitals. Rawal said that early infection of coronavirus could be detected as the kit is based on PCR technology. The company also claimed high accuracy as detected in the test in the ICMR lab.

In India, the testing numbers are much lower than in other countries. The number is as low as 6.8. The government has been sourcing testing kits from Germany. But restrictions in transportation through airlines have affected the supply.

Mylab company authorities said that they could manufacture about a lakh test kits in a week that can be further added up in case of any need.  The company also said that one kit may be used to test about 100 patients. Moreover, the test kit will cost less.  It said that the kits give result in 2.5 hours



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