Mumbai Railway Station is now Eat Right Station


Mumbai Central Railway Station is the first “Eat Right Station” under the movement launched by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India or providing health and the right food to the people. The Mumbai Central Railways Station has launched the programme under the “Eat Right India” Movement.

The Mumbai Central Station was conferred with the Eat Right Station certification by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

The certification is issued after looking into various parameters such as food safety, hygiene, food handling while preparing, availability of healthy  diet, awareness creation on foods safety and healthy diet, local and seasonal food promotion, transhipment at selling and retail points and foods waste management.

Mumbai central Railway Station was selected after a team inspected several railway stations in the sector. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India along with Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation and Western Railways and other food handlers led the inspection.

The movement to Eat Right is to ensure that the people have good health and the well being of the citizens are upheld. The “Movement of Eat Right India is built on two broad pillars of “Eat Healthy” and “Eat Safety”. On the demand side, the movement focuses on social and behavioural change among the people and make them choose the right food. On supply side, the focus is for encouraging the food businesses to reformulate their products, provide information n better nutrition to consumers and make them invest in health food as well as responsible food business.


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