MP Tourism to showcase untapped potential of Orchha

Madhya Pradesh which has popular destinations like Khajuraho and Sanchi is all set to highlight its one of the best-kept secret products of tourism – Orchha, an ancient heritage town with diverse tourist activities.

State tourism authorities are organising Orchha festival, bringing it live with music, dance, heritage tours, workshops, local cuisine, arts and handicrafts. Orchha was recently Orchha has been awarded the Best Heritage City at the National Tourism Awards 2019.

​The Government is taking many steps to develop Orchha as a ‘must-visit’ destination along with popular tourism hotspots like Khajuraho, Sanchi, Ujjain, Pachmarhi and Bhimbetka. Already on the shortlist for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Orchha has the potential to become an alternative destination as part of the Golden Triangle for travellers in India.

Orchha is the perfect weekend getaway, a unique wedding destination and a nature lover’s, photographer’s and adventurer’s delight all rolled into one. With hitherto unexplored heritage architecture, numerous places of religious significance, a beautiful wildlife park and riverside and plenty of stunning views, Orchha makes a brilliant bid for every traveller.

The 3-day festival the festival promises to bring together diverse experiences of music, art, wellness, travel, photography, nature, adventure, history and culture. There will also be ‘gram’ and ‘farm’ stays to promote rural entrepreneurship; workshops and site-visits for photography, film-making, destination weddings, theatre and dance; and exhibitions featuring the state’s handicraft heritage and legacies, sustainable fashion and design showcases in collaboration with master-craftsmen and well known global-local brands.

Nestled on the banks of the Betwa river, a short 15 km drive from Jhansi, Orchha is replete with stunning architectural heritage steeped in legend and mythology.

The Orchha Fort Complex hosts the legendary and unique Ram Raja Temple, built in honour of Lord Ram and is the only place where he is worshipped both as a god and as a king.


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