Mother’s warmth means a lot for teenage daughter

There is a lot more in a mother’s hug for a teenager, though it may seem to be nothing important.

The relationship between the mother and the adolescent daughter will inflence a lot on the relationship that the child would develop. Mother’s warmth, even if her own marital life is not smooth, will help her daughter from ending up int an abusive relationship later in life.

According to a study by a UB School of Nursing at Buffalo, the child’s relationship with their mother serves as a buffer by potentially promoting the teen’s feelings of self-worth.

“Children form internal working models about themselves and others based on the quality of their relationship with their parents. If the primary caretaker is abusive or inconsistent, children learn to view themselves as unlovable and others as hostile and untrustworthy. But positive parenting behaviours characterized by acceptance and warmth help children form positive internal working models of themselves as lovable and worthy of respect,” said the researchers.

The study surveyed more than 140 adolescents whose parents were married or cohabitating at the time of their birth. The study discovered that children who experienced above average levels of positive parenting behaviors from their mother in eighth grade were less likely to be involved in dating violence as a teenager, even when there were high levels of conflict in their parents’ marriage.

Lower levels of warmth, responsiveness and support by the mother did not weaken the harmful effects of marital conflict on her children.


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