More people walked to nature to avoid Covid lockdown boredom

Staying home was most preferred at the time of Coronavirus pandemic. It was important to maintain social distancing and avoid crowds to keep the virus at bay. However, all these had led many people to isolation and mental stress. At this time, Nature has come to the help of many as a new study suggests.

The study published in PLOS ONE journal pointed out that several people, especially in the urban regions found solace in nature and got rid of stress. The report said that it was for the first time in years that the people in urban areas went for a walk in Nature.

The researchers at the University of Vermont in the United States surveyed visitors to 25 parks and natural areas around greater Burlington. The report said that about 70 per cent of the park users increased their visit to Nature after the lock down. They found that 26 per cent of these people had never visited parks during the early months of the pandemic and they had not visited the nature the previous year.

The survey was conducted in about 400 people. Of these, 81 per cent of participants talked of the importance for green spaces. These people chose nature and parks during the pandemic for getting outside, safe spaces to socialize, exercise, finding peace, connecting to nature birding, spending time with children and dog walking.

The survey found that 66 per cent of the participants used natural areas to find peace.


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