More calories at night risks women’s heart

Sleeping less than six hours a night? It's time to pay attention to your heart. Sleep deprivation isn't just about feeling groggy in the morning; it can have serious consequences for your cardiovascular health. Research has unveiled a concerning connection between inadequate sleep and a range of heart-related issues, including high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and stroke.


Women who take higher proportion of daily calories late in the evening are likely to be at a greater risk for cardio diseases, according to researchers.

The researchers analysed the cardiovascular health of about 112 women of having an average age of 33 and of which 44 per cent were Hispanic. It was found that those women who took their food after 6 pm had a poor heart health. It was also found that the health of heart declined with every one per cent increase in calorie after 6 pm.

The study also claimed that the chance of higher pressure, higher sugar level and higher body mass index was likely in women who ate more food after evening. The study also based on Life’s Simple 7 rules that showcase the risk factors that the people could improve through in changing the life style.

The study was led by Nour Makarem of Columbia University, US. In the study, the women recorded the time and quantity of eating food. From the diary recordings, the data has been formulated and was found that more calories after 6 pm posed a risk.

Researchers say that the study highlights the threat that women often ignore. It is high time that not only women but everyone follows the rule of good lifestyle so as to avoid the risk of an unhealthy heart.


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