Modi bhakts to wait till last polls for his biopic

modi biopic

The release of the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have to wait till the Lok Sabha election process is over.

The Supreme Court has declined to interfere in the Election Commission’s decision of staying the release of the Modi biopic in the midst of the elections.

The election Commission has submitted a 20 page report before the Apex Court, reiterating its decision not to allow the release of Narendra Modi biopic during the course of Parliament elections. They claimed that the release of the biopic at this time could have some kind of influence on the voters.

The film makers had challenged the decision of the Election Commission, arguing that it violated their right to freedom of expression and speech. It was after this that the SC had asked a panel of the EC to watch the film and record its statement. The EC had given its report to the SC after a poll panel watched the film and taking note that the film if released could have some impact on the elections.

In the beginning, the Election Commission was a bit reluctant to stop the release of the Modi Biopic despite the opposition calling for the same. It was then that the top court had asked the Election Commission to have a look at the film and furnish a report.

The biopic was all set to be released on April 11, the day of the first phase polling. With the firm decision of the apex court, Vivek Oberoi starrer biopic will only hit the theatres on May 19 after the final phase of voting.


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