Moderna says first phase of covid vaccine safe


Moderna’s experimental corona vaccine has shown that it was safe and evoked immune responses in all the 45 healthy volunteers in the ongoing early stage study.

Though no serious side effects were detected in the volunteers, some of them showed slight signs of fatigue, Chills, headache and muscle pain where the injection was taken. These symptoms were supposed to happen after second dose. This also happens in people who got the highest dose, the researchers said in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Moderna was the first to start human trial of coronavirus vaccine on March 16.

Moderna’s vaccine mRNA-1273 uses ribonucleic acid (RNA). This is a chemical messenger which contains instructions for making proteins. Once the vaccine is injected, it tells the cells to make proteins that mimic the outer surface of coronavirus.

Three doses of vaccine were tested in groups of 15 volunteers who were aged 18 to 55. They got two shots, 28 days apart. The researchers said that the volunteers who got two does of the shot had high levels of virus-killing neutralizing antibodies that exceeded the average levels seen in people who had recovered from the virus. The groups were given shots of 25, 100 and 250 micrograms of the vaccine. They said that seven of the 13 volunteers who got the 25 milligram shot showed some adverse conditions. This was also experienced by all 15 participants who received the 100 microgram dose and all 14 who got the 250 microgram dose. They said that three volunteers who received high doses showed conditions such as fever, headache, nausea and chills.


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