Modern Medicine Is No Holy Cow

Americans who prescribed opioids, also used various other sedatives

In the beginning, it was easier to trust the conclusions of science when it defined itself as the empirical study of all things, based on repeatable, observable phenomena and careful record keeping of the results. Today’s science, including modern medicine, is rife with wild speculation, overworked theory, and just plain authoritarian guesswork. If a scientist said it, it has to be true, but is that true?

There are plenty of reasons that science is never questioned and not the least of these is because most scientific disciplines do not want a hint of possible error being attached to them. Like all areas of modern life, accountability to the creator, God, must never be openly acknowledged. Religion is a highly doubtful area of substandard sources and subtexts, in the eyes of many scientists, who think it is largely for those who are squeamish and the fearful who haven’t got any savvy, cool or real brains to start with.

The wherewithal to account for the huge amount of loan money needed to pursue a higher education, limits the willingness to question. Who would dare to admit that they are paying for a farce at about 50k or more per year on average?

With fees like that, how could the curriculum possibly be wrong?

One of the least noticed legacies of colonial rule is the lingering effect of colonialism and its methodology, namely modern reductionist science on modern human mind. A necessary adjunct to economic and political colonialism, this fatal lingering effect continues to play an important role in contemporary modern society.  As the godfather of all systems, modern science was long been considered as the virtual holy cow which successfully thwarted all discussions, debate, let alone criticism or examination, of modern science itself. Even today, problems of science could only be discussed ‘SCIENTIFICALLY’, which is like saying that thieves can be identified only  those who are more expert thieves.

The Current Health Scenario

If one thinks modern medicine is a science, you are mistaken. Consider these facts:

  • Medicine is the largest industry in the world. Pharmaceutical drug revenue alone is 1.25 trillion dollar per year. Device sales have revenue of 50 billion dollar a year. All factors considered the revenue could be 2.5 trillion dollar annually. It is therefore extremely powerful and all pervasive
  • It is also the most corrupt. The World Corruption Report by Oxfam found it to be the most corrupt industry two years in a row. The reports were shut down and purged from every platform. But Oxfam continues to report the shenanigans of the industry.
  • The industry is known to finance politicians and political parties to further their interests. They have positioned lobbyists as politicians and political administrators. Dr Anthony Fauci is a glaring example.
  • The medical doctors and scientists barring a few are not independent. They depend totally on the system for their salaries and consultations
  • The scientists mostly cannot do any independent research. They have to depend on the system and come out with solutions that suit the industry. Those who research herbs and other natural products including natural minerals find their research condemned to the dustbin.
  • Scientists who do the trials often suffer undeclared conflict of interest. In many cases industry employees conduct the research after resigning and then rejoin after the research is complete.
  • The institutions that conduct research know they need the industry assignments to survive. They know the price they have to pay for a negative report.
  • There are many studies whose conclusions are at variance with the data.
  • There are studies that say the benefits outweigh the risks when the data clearly shows otherwise.
  • There are numerous instances where drugs based on such research has caused huge deaths and adverse effects and the companies have gotten away by paying pittance as fines. The net results are huge profits.
  • In the US all major drug companies are embroiled in huge controversies yet the industry gets away with murder.
  • The pricing mechanism of drugs will leave you gaping. In India 1200 to 1400% mark-ups occur.
  • The industry is known to invent diseases to sell drugs. Outdated drugs are routinely repurposed for other diseases without solid evidence. Drugs are minimally changed to renew patents after expiry. The strategies are endless.
So , Science does not survive in such an atmosphere.
  • This science has replaced acute self limiting illnesses into chronic degenerative diseases
  • It considers cures to be quackery and believes in disease management
  • It knows nothing about health. The real determinants of health are not a part of the curriculum
  • There are many studies that show disease growth in society is directly proportional to the growth in numbers of doctors and hospitals in society
  • Mortality rates fall when doctors go on strikes
  • In many studies the health of doctors is found worse than that of patients
  • In corporate hospitals doctors work beneath business managers and need to fulfil daily targets to get their salaries
  • And most important, health depends on natural laws. It can never emerge from laboratories

Renowned Professors, doctors, and scientists like Peter G, Richard Smith, Richard Gordon, John Ioannidis, Fiona Godlee, Ben Goldcare, John Geyman, Marcia Angel, and our own B M Hegde have published books and research papers exposing the extensive fraud in modern medicine. It is now known the Bible of medicine, the Harrisons Textbook of Internal Medicine is corrupted.

As per Prof John Loannidis he often finds difficult to believe 1% of medical research. Dr Richard Horton says hardly 15% of medicine could be trusted. Dr BM Hegde says the opposite of what modern medicine proclaims is true.

Modern medicine is not the product of medical minds. It emerged from the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, the camps of Auschwitz, and is currently under the benign gaze of the corporate philanthropist we know as Bill Gates. He talks of disease outbreaks with glee and how they will kill millions.

The system is harsh not only on patients but on doctors also! Many a good soul has been persecuted for daring to expose the truth. Many have lost their lives, suicided with double gunshot wounds. The medical world is terrible and doctors know they can survive only if they bow to the system and obey its diktats. Surveys about satisfaction in work within the medical community reveals 94% of them are dissatisfied. Satisfaction can come only if patients are cured. A doctor’s happiness can only result from making people healthy. It is propaganda and blind faith of the people that keeps medicine alive.

(Dr Naresh Purohit  is Executive Member, Federation of Hospital Administrator. He is also advisor to the National Communicable Disease Control Programme. Dr. Purohit is also Advisor to six other National Health Programmes. He is visiting Professor in five Medical Universities of  Southern India including Thrissur based  Kerala University of Health Sciences. (The views and opinion expressed in this article are those of the author)



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