Milk, fish production increase by over 6% in the last five years

The milk production in the country has increased by 6.41% over the last five years while the fish production went up by 6.86% during the period.

According official numbers by the Union Government, fish production (In 000 tonne) has increased from in 10260.28 in 2014-15 to 13340.85 in 2018-19. Similarly, Egg Production (Lakh No.) went up from 784838.68 to 1033176.31.

Cow Milk Production (,000 Tonnes) improved from 66423.45 tonnes in 2014-15 to 89833.59 tonnes in the last financial year. Similarly, Buffalo Milk Production (,000 Tonnes) increased from 74709.90 tonnes to 91817.14 tonnes during the same period.

India is self-sufficient in the production of fish and milk to fulfil the demand, as India is the second largest fish producing county in the world, as well as first position in world with regards to milk production.

However, fish and milk production in India have been increasing steadily. Besides, the country’s per capita availability of egg is estimated at 74 per person per year as per the Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics. However, as per recommendation of National Institute of Nutrition, the requirement of eggs per capita per year will be 183 eggs, said data from the Ministry for Fisheries, Animals Husbandry & Dairying.



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