Military engineers get the road done using plastic waste

Military plastic road


The governments all over the world are finding it hard to get rid of single use of plastic and India has also been adopting various methods to get rid of the menace. Falling in line with the Centre government’s policy of getting ridding of plastics, the military engineering division at the Narangi Military Station at Guwahati has laid down a long stretch of road using plastic waste.

The engineers had used 1.24 metric tonne of plastic waste for the construction of the road that passes through the Narangi Military Station. A green technology, the plastic wastes are shredded and mixed with bitumen.

The use of plastic waste in roads is not new. The technology has been used in laying roads in many parts of the country as well the world over. It has been widely acknowledged that the roads built using plastic were more durable as well as cheaper. Apart from this, the technology helps in getting rid of plastics.

Assam has already built 237.65 kilometres of road using plastic waste.

This green technology was first used in Chennai in India in 2004. Since then, several states have adopted this technology for constructing roads. Moreover, this technology has also wide acceptance in many countries.


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