Message written for fantasy gets reply after nine years

Many of us have written messages and put the note in bottles and thrown out into the sea without ever expecting a reply. And waiting for a reply for the note in the bottle that has gone with the waves is really a fantasy. But for Max Vredendurgh, it is not a fantasy at all as he received a message for the note he had thrown a bottle with his note into the sea?note

Vredendurgh had to wait nine long years for a reply for his message that was enclosed in the bottle that he had thrown the bottle in 2010 in a beach in Rockport.

The news came to light after Vredendurgh tweeted about his message of 2010 and also about the message that he had got on October 21, 2019. In his tweet, he had shown the copy of both the messages.

Vredendurgh’s bottle with the note was found by a man named G Dubois in a French beach. This man wrote back to Vredendurgh and also shared the exact location where the bottle was found.

The fantasy in reality has been widely accepted and shared in the social media. Many of the persons were totally surprised in finding that the person who floated the message in the sea had got a reply after all these years.


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