Men can smell if women are aroused


Is sex related to smell? A new study has shown that men can smell if a woman is sexually aroused. The researchers of the University of Kent said that men are very much sensitive to smell. They said that men could distinguish between a sexually aroused woman and non aroused woman.

The research says that men are much sensitive to the olfactory signals of sexual arousal released by women. Dr Arnaud Wisman, a Psychologist at the University, said that sexual interest was more than meeting the eye. The doctor said that the research would encourage further studies to look into the role of sexual olfactory signals.

The researchers came to the conclusion after conducting three experiments. Sweat samples were collected from the armpit of heterosexual women. The sweat  were colected while they were watching two films – one a documentary about building a bridge and another an erotic film. Then twenty four heterosexual men were asked to smell the sweat and evaluation was done. It was found that men were more attracted to women who were aroused after seeing the erotioc film rather than those who saw the documentary.

The researchers wanted to see if humans can detect sexual arousal only through chemo signals or through chemical signals emitted by human body.




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