Man gets a burial in his favourite Benz


Some people who die wish to take along with them the precious things that they loved in life to the grave along with them. Recently, a top politician from South Africa was buried in his beloved Mercedes Benz. Tshekede Bufton Pitso’s last wish was to be buried in his favourite car.

Pitso, who died last week, was a leader of the United Democratic Movement in Eastern Cape.  He collapsed in the driveway and his last wish was to be buried inside his beloved Benz. This Businessman/ politician once had an impressive garage of an entire fleet of luxurious Mercedes cars. However, he had to sell all his luxuries as his business collapsed. car

Though he was forced to sell all his fleet of Mercedes Benz, he managed to buy a second hand E500 Benz. Though the car was broken down, he always sat inside and listened to the radio.

Though such a burial was not known in the region, the family and the church authorities managed to bury the leader along with his car.

Pitso was seated in the driver’s seat with the seat belt and his hands on the steering wheel.

Tshekede’s daughter Sefora Letswaka said that her father’s last wish was to be buried in his favourite Benz. She said that her father was once a wealthy businessman. He had a fleet of Benz. But when business broke he had to sell all his cars, she said and added that the present car was brought about two years back.

“Once the car broke down, He used to sit inside the car. He loved to sit inside the car alone and listen to his favourite songs,” she said. “We fulfilled our father’s last wish of being buried along with his car,” she said.


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