Malappuram tops among fastest growing cities in the world

Population Boom In India, To Surpass China in 2023

Malappuram tops among fastest growing cities in the world. Three cities in the southern state of Kerala in India has made it to the list of fastest growing ten cities in the world, according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit of the Economist.

No other city in the country has shown up in the list of fastest growing cities in terms of population. And in Kerala, Northern district of Malappuram tops the list. Another Northern district, Kozhikode comes in the fourth place and Kollam district down south is placed in the tenth position.

The ranking has been based on the data of the United Nations Population Division. Malappuram has recorded 44.1 per cent growth in population between 2015-2020. After Malappuram, the city of Can Tho in Vietnam comes with a growth of 36.7 per cent and the third in line is Suqian in china with 36.6 per cent increase in population.

The study reveals Kozhikode having a growth of 34.5 per cent and Kollam having 31.1 per cent growth. Thrissur, another city in Kerala, has also been listed in the 13th place with a population growth of 26.1 per cent. Surat and Tirupur are the other two cities from India that have been 27) and 30 respectively in the top 30.


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