Majority parents won’t send children to school even if re-opened

About 333 million children, or 1 in 6, live in extreme poverty, enduring conditions of deprivation that encompass basic needs, dignity, opportunities

How many parents will send their children to go to school even if the government gives permission to reopen schools? A news survey has shown that 71 per cent of the parents in India will not send their children to school if the permission is given to reopen then.

When 34 per cent of the parents who participated in the survey said that schools should only be opened next academic year, only 28 per cent were in favour of opening them in October, the survey by LocalCircles said.

In the survey, the LocalCircles got responses from over 14,500 parents in about 217 districts across the country. Of this 61 per cent were from Tier 1 districts, 21 per cent from Tier 2 districts and 18 per cent from Tier 3, Tier 4 and rural districts.

A similar survey was held by LocalCircles in August in which 23 percent said they would send their children to schools. However, this figure has dropped in October by three points.

Apart from this, the survey also looked into other aspects where in parents in North India were particular about the smog season. The PM 2.5 touched 900 in Delhi and some other northern cities last year. About 74 percent of the parents had demanded that the Government announced a ‘smog break’ for schools from November 1 to 20 each year.


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