Majority Parents Not Want To Send Children to School

Covid 19: Social/emotional development of Poor Children Much Affected

Majority of the parents do not want to send their children to school in the midst of increasing Covid 19 cases in the country. About 52 per cent parents are not willing to send children now for in-person school, according to The LocalCircles.

The call comes in the midst of increasing number of Covid 19 cases in the country. In the last three weeks, the daily case load grew by over 30 times.

The LocalCircles that held a survey said that they got 11,025 responses from parents located in 335 districts of India. This is the 12th survey by LocalCircles since the pandemic began to gauge the willingness of parents in sending children to school.

Among the respondents, 45 per cent of parents were located in metros or Tier 1 districts. About 29 per cent lived in Tier 2 districts and 26 per cent parents were located in Tier 3, 4 or rural districts,


Among the respondents, the LocalCircles said that 18 per cent said that they are “already sending children to school and will continue despite Omicron”. They found 25 per cent as saying “Whenever the schools reopen” they would sent their children. However, ten per cent of parents said that they are willing to send their children to attend in-person schools till cases start declining and “TPR in district/city goes below five per cent”.  Among the respondents, ten per cent wanted the “TPR to be below two per cent”. Another ten per cent want the “TPR to be below one per cent”, 12 per cent want the TPR to be below 0.5 per cent”, and 10 per cent will only send children to school when there are zero cases of Covid in in their district/city.

On an aggregate basis, 52 per cent of parents do not want to send their wards children to school cases in their district or city are growing and Test Positivity Rate is above 5 per cent



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