Majority of UK Young women face sexual harassment

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In a rather shocking survey, almost every young woman in the United Kingdom is a victim of sexual harassment. The survey by the UN Women UK pointed out that 97 per cent of the girls between 18 and 24 years had faced sexual harassment.

Afraid to go out in dark and in winter

The survey said that 87 per cent of the women reported of harassment in public places. The younger women said that they faced harassment and objectification on a regular basis. The older women who also participated in the survey pointed out that they were afraid to go out after dark. The participants said that they were also afraid to go out in daytime during winter.


Moreover, the survey by the UN Women UK also exposed the loss of faith in the judicial system against such crimes. About 45 per cent of the women pointed out that they did not register any complaint about the sexual harassment. They said that they knew that nothing was going to happen.

Women modify their behaviour to avoid any attack or sexual harassment. 


The survey also notes that most of the people who were groped, followed and pressured into sexual activity did not find their experience to be “serious enough” to report.


Meanwhile, lead author and executive director of UN Women UK Claire Barnet called it a human rights crisis, which needs addressing at the earliest. One should never think that it is too difficult a problem to handle, Barnet added.

The author also noted that the women were constantly modifying their behaviour to avoid any attack or harassment.

The survey is not the first to talk about sexual harassment against women. It shows how a progressive nation is behaving towards its women citizens.



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