Madurai man manufactures and donates 8000 masks

The Covid-19 which has filled depression and negativity in the people has also some positive impacts on men, like many large-hearted people coming forward to extend help. So, we hear news of community kitchen, contribution of cash and kind and opening up doors of schools as shelter. Corporates have taken the lead, while thousands of individuals are doing it at their level.

Owner of a textile store in Madurai did what he can do best in these days of crisis. He manufactured and distributed over 8,000 cotton masks among poor, cops, corporation & health workers.

Satishkumar, the Madurai textile store owner, also urged others to donate cotton clothes to his store in order to make more masks and donate them. “I request people to donate me cotton clothes so that I can continue making masks,” he was quoted saying by the media.

Similar stories are also coming from different parts of the country. Reports said tailors in Gujarat have decided to step up and help those in need during the pandemic by making and distributing free masks for protection. Not only tailors in Gujrat, but prison inmates in Uttar Pradesh reportedly made over 1.2 lakh masks in just 10 days to combat the deadly virus which has rocked the world since it was originated in China in December 2019.

Apart from organisations, corporates were also extending big support to the fight. Tata Trust and Tata Group have announced to spend Rs 1,500 crore in dealing with Coronavirus. This will be the biggest support of any corporate in the country on Corona so far.


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