Luxembourg creates history in public transport


Luxembourg has created history by making all public transport system free from March 1. Despite some cities taking partial measures with respect to free travel, this is the first time a country is going for free public transport.

The country took the decision to reduce traffic congestion. Luxembourg Transport Minister Francois Bausch as quoted in the media said it was a “great day” as the country the on Earth to make public transport free. The free travel will not include first class travel in trains and also in some night buses. With free transport, the people will gain at least 110 dollars a year.

In Luxembourg, private cars are mainly used. They accounted for 47 per cent business travelling and 71 per cent of leisure travels, according to a survey in 2018.

Luxembourg is the smallest country in Europe in area. The country is the seats of European Court of Justice.

The government aims to bring 20 per cent more passengers on public transport in five years. Moreover, the government aims at a cleaner country by reducing private transport.


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