Love for nature makes Khusi Chidaliya UNEP TEG ambassador


Khusi Chidaliya was always passionate about protecting nature. She is only 17 but was always in front of all when issues related to environment came up. This girl from Surat was always in the forefront for rising related to environment. And all these have now given her an added responsibility. She is appointed as the Regional Ambassador for India for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Tunza Eco-Generation.

For Chidaliya, it was the sight of uprooting trees in her neighbourhood for concrete structures that paved the way for her fight for safeguarding environment. She realised that her children would never be able to see the trees and the green canopy. Al these thoughts made her think of ways to protect the green surroundings.

Once appointed as the regional ambassador, she would be able to reach out to a wider audience to spread awareness on the importance of conserving nature. Chidaliya will work with Tunza Eco-Generation on various environmental awareness programmes till February 2021.

She has now got a platform to spread awareness about safeguarding environment. She also got opportunity to discuss India’s contribution to environmental conservation. She will also have the opportunity to share ideas with other ambassadors.


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