Loss of 16 minutes sleep to hamper work

Have you ever experienced that everything hurts after a sleepless night? A recent study has uncovered a neurotransmitter, N-arachidonoyl dopamine (NADA), linked to the pain caused by sleep deprivation, offering potential avenues for treatment. In sleep-deprived mouse models, researchers found reduced NADA levels in a brain region associated with sensory processing and arousal. Administering NADA to this area effectively alleviated the heightened pain response.

Sleeping just 16 minutes less a day can hamper your performance at workplace, according to a study by the University of South Florida.

The researchers say that workers who lose 16 minutes of sleep are likely to fall off task and have poor judgement during their next day at work.
The research has been published in Sleep Health journal.

The research was led by Soomi Lee, professor at the School of Ageing Studies of the University of South Florida. The study was conducted on 130 employees working in the IT and who have at least one school going kid.

It has been said that the research throws light on creating a splendid atmosphere for the workers in the workplaces. It also says that the employers should create the workplaces more comfortable and take steps for encouraging the workers to take enough sleep.

The research says that the people who sleep less and who have the worst sleep experience cognitive issues the next day. The work- life balance was seen to be unstable in people with less sleep.

A good sleep would give a person to think clearly the next day when he is in his work. The researchers also noted that less sleep did not have much impact on a person if he does not have work the next day.


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