Lord Ram Surfaces Again; NC Chief Says Ram sent by Allah

Lord Ram Surfaces Again; NC Chief Says Ram sent by Allah

Ram, Jai Shri Ram, Ram Janmabhoomi, all of which are closely related to the BJP has once again come to the fore with former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and National Conference Chief Dr Farooq Abdullah saying that “Lord Ram is everyone’s god and that he was sent by Allah to show people the right path.”

While addressing addressing a rally at Garnai in Udhampur district, on the occasion of Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNNP) Foundation Day, he hit out at the BJP and said the party invokes Lord Ram’s name only to stay in power.

In a video, Abdullah allegedly quoted the words of a writer from Pakistan, who passed away recently and said, “Ram was also sent by Allah to show the right path to the people.”


“Lord Ram is not just a Hindu god. Everyone should get this notion out of their minds. Bhagwan Ram is the god of everyone – be it a Muslim or Christian or American or Russian, who has faith in him,” he told a rally organised by the Panthers party in Udhampur.

Abdullah said that those who approach anyone and say that they saying only disciples of Ram, they – they are fools. “They want to sell in the name of Ram. They have no actual love for Ram, but do it for love for power,” he alleged.

“But, I want to tell you that Lord Ram is not just the god of Hindus, this should be taken off minds. Lord Ram is the god of everyone, Muslims, Christians, and others. Similarly, Allah is also everyone’s God, not just of Muslims. A very prominent writer from Pakistan, who passed away recently, wrote that Ram was also sent by Allah to show the right path to the people. So, those who say that we are the only devotees of Ram, are fools. They only want to sell Ram, they don’t have any affection for him, they only have affection for power,” Abdullah said.


Stating that elections would be held soon, he alleged that huge amounts of money would be flown in the region. “Our mothers and daughters will be repeatedly told about the temple. It might also happen, that they (BJP) will inaugurate the Ram Mandir on that day only,” he said. “This will be done so that, people forget about rising inflation and unemployment, and think that only they (BJP) are the devotees of Ram,” the NC chief added.


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