Look for neurological issues in Children for Covid Symptom’ Study


Most of the Corona affected people show respiratory symptoms. However, in children, the symptoms are quite different. Most of them do not show any respiratory symptoms but would come up with neurological issues, warns a study.

The new study published in JAMA Neurology journal said that people under 18 with Covid also had symptoms including damage to the brain, or critical abnormalities to activity that controls vital functions such as breathing.

The researchers from University College London warned that one should be careful if children show any signs of encephalopathy – headaches, cerebellar and brainstem signs – critical abnormalities in the control of automatic functions like breathing and heartbeat, reduced reflexes and muscle weakness.  They said that respiratory symptoms in children are uncommon. If at all present, they are mild and easily missed, the study said.  They also noted that children could carry the virus even without any displaying symptoms.

The researchers have come up with the conclusion after looking at previously identified links to Covid-19 in a new and distinct condition in children. In the new findings, the researchers said that they came across neurological symptoms involving both central and peripheral nervous system and splenial changes in children having coronavirus.

The study examined younger patients less than 18 years with Sars-CoV-2 infection and neurological symptoms admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. They had examined the children from March 1 to May 8.  They found that four out of the 27 children with coronavirus Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome had new onset neurological symptoms. Previous to admission, the children were healthy. The changes were seen in the children when a magnetic resonance imaging of the brain was done.

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