Longest Animal discovered?


Scientists have come across an animal off the coast of Australia that could be the longest on earth. The animal named siphonophore measured about 154 feet, which is twice the length of whales.


The US based based Schmidt Ocean Institute discovered the animal in its expedition into the Ningaloo Canyons. Siphonophores are deep sea predators composed of several small clones that act together as one and spread out like a single long string in the water.


Nerida Wilson, who led the expedition, told the media that they were excited to see such a long creature. She said that the extra long creature in the water was an amazing sight.

The SOI’s research vessel plunged to depths of nearly 4,500 metres, but the siphonophore was only spotted as the vehicle was making its way back to the surface. The deep sea vessel of Schmidt Ocean Institute had dived more than 4,000 metres but did not trace the animal then. But the divers saw the animal when the vessel was resurfacing.

Nerida Wison said that the animal was spread out like a single string and was similar to jelly fish. They fed like jelly fish using the tentacles.  


The researchers said that the actual length of the animal was not yet calculated.


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