Long distance running helps to reinforce Knee

Marathon knee

Some may think that long distance running is not good for the knees. But it is not true and contrary to it a recent study has come out saying that long distance running reinforce the strength of the knee.

A group of researchers from the University College London has revealed that knees were healthier after a marathon race. The study was led by Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Alister Hart and a former London marathoner.

For the study, MRIs of about 80 first time marathon runners were taken about six months before a marathon. And MRI was again taken two weeks after the marathon. All the marathon racers had the same training regime to be consistent. After the marathon, it was found that the imperfections and injuries like cartilage strain, tears, bone marrow lesions, have all shrunk. Apart from this, it was also found that many of the middle agers who were part of the study had a healthier knee after the long run.

The study has shown that fragile joints can be reversed through long running. So running is always good and that too long distance running.


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