Lockdown has negative impact on obese children

Weight Loss and Quality Of Sleep Matters

Lockdowns have adversely impacted the world with men, women and families going through a stressful time. Often, the children who need much care are neglected. A new study by the University at Buffalo, US, has revealed that coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted children with obesity.

The study said that the diet, physical activity and sleep among obese children are affected because of the coronavirus lockdown. Obese children and teens are placed in an unfortunate position of isolation which creates an unfavourable environment for maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviours,” said study co-author Myles Faith. Normally children and teens gain more weight during summer vacation than school year. It was this finding that had led to researchers’ think of similar effects on the life style of children during lockdown.

The findings are published in journal Obesity. The researchers held the study in 41 children and adolescents with obesity under confinement throughout March and April in Verona, Italy. The researchers collected lifestyle information such as diet, activity and sleep for three weeks of lockdown. The study was held through a survey. The questions asked in the survey mainly focused on physical activity, sleep, screen time, eating habits and consumption of pasta, red meat, snacks vegetables and fruits.

The study found that children with obesity fared worse on weight control lifestyle programs at home than when they are engaged in their school. It found that children ate an additional meal per day, took more of red meat, sugary drinks and junk foods, sat nearly five hours per day in front of phone, TV and computer and slept an extra half hour per day. On the other hand, physical activity decreased by more than two hours per week, the study said.

Faith said that excess weight gained may be hard to reverse, depending on the duration of the lockdown. This might contribute to obesity during adulthood if healthier behaviours are not re-established, Faith said

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