Lockdown: 10 Tips to work from home productively

Work from home (WFH) is the new buzz word, with billions are shut inside the doors and trying to work. While many are giving their best in the job, employers are worried about the productivity levels. Some employers already started terming it as `sleep from home’ instead of work from home.

Here are 10 tips that will make you more productive while working from home:

  1. Dedicated workspace

Workspace is always important. So, set up a dedicate area for work just like your workspace in the office, to the best extent possible. It gives you a trigger to work. Psychologists say, the moment you sit down at this workspace, your brain will get the signal to work.

  1. Prepare for the Work

Every day you take time to get ready to go to office. You do the morning routines, take bath and dress up for the office. That is important when you work from home also. Get ready physically for the work and start the work fresh as if you are working in the office.

  1. Planning and Timing

Many offices ask you to login. Otherwise time management is the one factor that makes WFH less productive. It is important to prepare a clear plan and make a schedule of the work for the day in writing. And then stick it in a visible area.

  1. Time for eating, baby sitting

Unlike in the office, you may be tempted to eat whenever you want at home. This can distract your work. So, fix eating time for snacks and lunch. Also, schedule time for other works like baby sitting. Choose foods to boost memory, concentration, and alertness, such as pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, and eggs. Limit your intake of refined carbs, processed foods, and sugary drinks.

5.Manage people around

The biggest challenge these days will be how to manage the people around. Lockdown means all your family members are around. Your spouse, children and loved ones are around. We need to prepare our own schedules and priorities to manage them. If you have small children, take care may be with a baby carrier. If children are older, may be you need to adjust the work timings as the older children will ask your support more. It is also important to attend the emotional needs of all people within the family.

  1. News and info

You will be tempted to spend lots of time on news and info about corona virus these days. It is important to control the flooding news that can disturb you mentally and also affect your work. Make fixed timings for watching news or browsing through the social media. Stay informed, but it should be cause of distraction for your work.

  1. Stay connected

Some people will be missing the office atmosphere, especially the fun and sharing happening with the colleagues. So, it is important to be in touch with your colleagues and friends during the working hours at home.

  1. Be Comfortable

Be comfortable with a happy work space setting. Choose places looking out a window, visualizing a peaceful nature scene, or looking at a relaxing picture. You can also go for pop-up spaces with improvisation. Place a cushion on the floor and use a coffee table for your workspace. Or find a small portable folding table that you can use in several areas of your house. Also make sure that clear you space neatly.

9 Use headphones

Avoid auditory distractions by using headphones. Choose music that helps you focus, and that you use specifically while you’re working. This may include classical, binaural beats, or your favourite modern music.

  1. Self-discipline

It is very important that you have self-discipline. If you normally work from home, you may find yourself with family members in your precious workspace. Set boundaries and manage expectations of anyone who demands your time. Determine what’s necessary and prioritize accordingly. Stay focused so you can work efficiently and have more time for other endeavours. Incorporate more exercise into your daily routine and make a point to get outside if you can, even if it’s to the rooftop of your building.


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